Power Grid Interconnection

YNIC is actively implementing China's B&R Initiative to promote power grid interconnection between China and the GMS countries. Currently, YNIC has materialized power interconnection between China and Vietnam through 220kV, 110kV and five-circuit transmission lines; between China and part of Myanmar via 110kV, 220kV and 500kV transmission lines; and between China and Laos via 110kV, single-circuit transm...View more

Cross-border Power Trade

China-Vietnam 115kV and 230kV power transmission began on September 25, 2004. Up to December 31, 2015, the gross volume of power transmitted to Vietnam reached 30.785 billion kWh.

Overseas Greenfield Investment

(1)Investing in the Seo Chong Ho hydropower station   Seo Chong Ho Hydropower Station started operation on December 28, 2012. It is not only the highest-head horizontal plant in Southeast Asia, but also the first joint-venture hydropower project in Vietnam. Boasting installed capacity of 22 MW, Seo Chong Ho Hydropower Station is invested and constructed by the Vietnam-China Power Investment Co., Ltd. w...

Overseas Contractual Engineering Project

Based on CSG’s advantages, YNIC is the qualified operator of businesses such as electric power facilities construction, operation, service, contractual overseas electric engineering, international tendering, labor cooperation, complete-set equipment sales, cooperation and consultation services in foreign countries, electric power assets management, and electric power projects management. Since its debut...

Technical Service

Collaborating with YNPG, YNIC provided technical support for safe and stable operation of the Lao National Power Grid. Moreover, the Company dispatched 3 experts to offer management and technical services at construction sites of hydropower stations in the No. 4 Special Region of the Myanmese Shan State, thus won trust and praises of the Special Region government.

Cultural Exchanges

YNIC attaches great importance to cultural cooperation and exchanges with the GMS countries, as well as to cooperation with domestic universities such as Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming Medical College and North China Electric Power University, who joined forces to cultivate electricity- and medicine-majoring students from Laos and other neighboring countries. YNIC has drafted its ...